Travel Information

Basically, Egypt is peaceful country and Egyptian people are very friendly and kindly. You'll find many people try to help you when you lost in town.
Unfourtunately, there some incidents has occured such as robbery due to the Economic deterioration. So that consideration as a foreigner visiting a foreign country is necessary.

Basic Information of Egypt

Country:Arab Ripublic of EGYPT
Population: 95 million
Climate:Desert climate, little rain in summer
Religion:Sunni Muslim (90%), Coptic Christian(10%)
Time:+2Hour GMT
Holiday:Friday, Saturday
Currency:Egyptian Pound(LE)        US$ 1 = 17.6LE, Euro 1 = 18.8LE  (Jun.2019)
Travel Link
Egypt Air 2 offices in Hurghada town, (El Dahr, Mamsha)
Etihad Airways No office in Hurghada, some in Cairo.
Emirates Airlines No office in Hurghada, some in Cairo.
Turkish Airlines 1 office in Hadaba, Hurghada.
GoBus 1 Main station and several ticket offices in Hurghada.
High Jet Transport / First Ferry 4 ticket office in Hurghada town and 1 in ElGouna. Main branch is located Sekala Station, High Jet Square.