Diving Courses


Take your diving course in Red Sea. Our diving courses are entry level to Professional level.
Our courses enables you learn scuba diving in the beautiful Red Sea Diving site, best Hurghada dive sites, and go home with an Internationally recognized Scuba Certification (PADI/CMAS/IDEA/SSI) that lasts forever.
You will enjoy the best of Hurghada (Red Sea) dive site and diving courses with our experienced Instuructor safely, relax and easy way.
We always provide courses by small number of the students, for Instructor can focus on each student.
That makes student learn diving easily and enjoy more of the Red Sea, diving courses and the Hurghada dive sites.
PADI Course (duration of the course)
Scuba Diver (1-2) Tuition(180 Euro), Confined water training, 2 Open water training dives, Depth limit:12m
Open Water Diver (3-4) Tuition(230 Euro), Confined water training, 4 Open water training dives, Depth limit:18m
Adventure Diver (1-2) Tuition(150 Euro), 3 Adventure dives (Naturalist, boat, PPB, Drift, Wreck, Photo, Video,,,)
Advanced Open Water Diver (2) Tuition(210 Euro), 5 Open water training dives (incl; Deep, Navi) Depth limit:30m
Specialty Diver (1-2) Tuition(100-180 Euro), 1-4 Specialty dives (Deep, Night, Photo, Wreck, Drift, Multilevel,,,)
Emergency First Response (1) Tuition(100 Euro),Practice for medic first care for Emergency(CPR, Injurly, Illness).
Rescue Diver (3-4) Tuition(250 Euro), Confined and Open water training (Rescue Skills and Scenarios) to respond Diving Emergencies with Life Saving Skills.
Divemaster (7- ) Tuition (500+ Euro ) Dive theory, Confined and Open water training (Dive leader skills such as Assisting, Guiding, conducting,,).
CMAS Course (duration of the course)
1 STAR Diver (3-4) Tuition (230 Euro), Confined water training, 5 Open water training dives, Depth limit:20m
2 STAR Diver (4-5) Tuition(280 Euro), Specialty dives (Deep, Navi, Night, Drift, Wreck, Photo, Video,,,), and some rescue skill training
3 STAR Diver (5-7) Tuition(500+ Euro), Confined and Ope water training dives. Introducing the fundamentals of dive leadership. Planning and conducting hteir dive and lead other sport divers.